The Uniform Project

Sheena Matheiken is at the beginning of a one year experiment in sustainable fashion. She and a friend have designed a dress that she is going to wear every day for a year (actually there are 7 copies of the same dress, but you get the point). Sheena calls this The Uniform Project. The idea was inspired by many years of having to wear a uniform to school. Working hard to make it unique each day. The money raised from the project is going towards the Akanksha Foundation, which is concerned with education in India.

Follow The Uniform Project website to view pictures of Sheena's daily mastery of accessories. I'm not sure how she manages to put together such interesting outfits. It is making me feel very fashionably uncreative. Sheena also happily accepts accessory donations, or outfit ideas.


Graze is a healthy alternative to your work place vending machine.  It is a natural food company that delivers healthy snacks to your desk via the mail.  They have a delicious looking selection of fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, seeds and olives.  My mouth is watering.

The service is subscription based.  They send you boxes once or twice a week until you tell them not to.  You can customize how often you receive the boxes and what types of food you prefer. The type of mix can even be centered around your personal goals or activities, such as loosing weight, maintaining blood sugar, or boosting your immunity. Graze has also taken measures to stay green by using biodegradable packaging and standard mail service instead of custom deliveries.  Each Graze box cost just £2.99 (including delivery).  Unfortunately the service is currently only available in the UK.

Golden Hook


There is something so, so, right and so, so, wrong about this idea.  Golden Hook is a French company that allows you to customize your own knit hat, from a variety of hat styles and beautiful yarn colors... and then choose the Granny that you want to knit it.  Ha!  You can even send the Grandma special demands, I mean, requests.  Or  ask her to write your name on the label:  knitted by Simone for Clemence.  (Found through Springwise).



i/denti/tee is a t-shirt company based on around the love of music.  They create simple text t-shirts with music lyrics on them... but only lyrics beginning with the letter "i"... because as they state, those are the most personal lyrics.  Some of the lyrics make for very entertaining t-shirts.  Some of my favorites are "I wanna dance with somebody" and "I used to rule the world".  The site itself is also very entertaining.  There are lip sync videos (always a crowd pleaser) and you can vote for your favorite i-lyrics and post your list to your favorite social site.  T-shirts are $35 and include 10 free iTunes downloads.

Teeny Tile

I enjoy companies that come up with new and interesting ways to make stuff out of my photos or images.  The newest addition to my Photo-To-Do-List is Teeny Tiles.  They create small 2" x 2" tiles out of your pictures.  The tiles can be used as tiles are intended to be used, or they are also backed with a magnet for less traditional mounting scenarios.  I think this could get cheesy really fast, but I also see huge potential to do something creative.  Tiles cost $5 each and take about a week to get.

Create the next Docs


Just when I thought Dr Martins had officially gone out of style for good... here they are again.  Don't get me wrong, I spent a solid 3 years of my life in Docs (steel toes at that) but seriously, they are still around?  Anyway, Docs are trying to make a comeback with this design competition for their user generated FREEDM line.  Anyone is free to submit a design.  You can use the interesting drawing tools provided on their website (including spray paint and a lighter) or you can download a template to bring into your design program or medium of choice.  Two of the entered designs will make it into production.  One will be chosen by the people (...insert forceful upward punch into the air here...), and one will be chosen by a panel of insiders.



Online recipes have taken over the world of cooking. The problem with them is that they end up as a stack of print outs mixed in with your old recipe cards.    TasteBook is slightly time consuming, but brilliant solution to this problem.  TasteBook is a customized cookbook that you put together using a combination of online and personal recipes.  The cookbook exists as a collection online and as a very professionally printed book.  Recipes can be gathered from Gourmet or Bon Appetit websites or entered from your own collection.  Then, using an iTunes style interface, you sort the recipes into categories or sections of your cookbook.  You can share your recipes online or get others to share their collections with you.  For $34.95 you can print out a customized cookbook of up to 100 pages.  All 100 pages do not need to be printed at once.  They can be printed over time and added to the binder style book later on.  A very well thought out idea.  (Found through Springwise).

Pulp Star Customizable Fiction

"A hard-boiled private dick and a beautiful dame team up to investigate the death of her sister. In this treacherous whodunit, the question of suicide or murder plunges an exclamation point into the heart of every breathless pulse!"

... and the characters are customized by you!  Pulp Star provides pulp fiction books which are fully personalized to your specifications.  You get to name and describe the physical traits of the characters (including hair color, body type, nickame, etc.) and your personalized book is printed specially for you.  You can even opt for a customized cover to match your characters.