Ha!  It is payback time for Portland artist Aruppel.  She is getting her revenge on birds that have attacked her and her friends, through an absolutely brilliant series called "Mean Birds".  She has painted a collection of beautiful acrylic bird portraits, complete with a well deserved bad name they earned through their actions.  So enjoyable!

Prints available at @my ruppel's Etsy Shop.

Analogue Tweets

As part of his W+K's Platform application, Marcelo Pena Costa started an Analogue Twitter account. He set up a webcam while working on his project and wrote tweets live with a marker on paper, pinned to a bulletin board.

In my opinion, Analogue Tweets is actually a way more interesting idea than the project it was designed to document (I [heart] wires). This idea is so brillant, I'm filing it under Damn-I-wish-I-had-thought-of-that.

What Can You Teach Me?

I dread cheesy ice breakers. Bonding through mutual embarrassment is just the wrong way to go about things. That's why I appreciate the brilliance of Swissmiss's technique at recent CreativeMornings. She made name tags, that don't show your name (you always get to that part in conversation anyway), but ask what can I learn from you. Looking through the Flickr set, people has some pretty entertaining skills, making it a great conversation starter.


Graze is a healthy alternative to your work place vending machine.  It is a natural food company that delivers healthy snacks to your desk via the mail.  They have a delicious looking selection of fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, seeds and olives.  My mouth is watering.

The service is subscription based.  They send you boxes once or twice a week until you tell them not to.  You can customize how often you receive the boxes and what types of food you prefer. The type of mix can even be centered around your personal goals or activities, such as loosing weight, maintaining blood sugar, or boosting your immunity. Graze has also taken measures to stay green by using biodegradable packaging and standard mail service instead of custom deliveries.  Each Graze box cost just £2.99 (including delivery).  Unfortunately the service is currently only available in the UK.