The Uniform Project

Sheena Matheiken is at the beginning of a one year experiment in sustainable fashion. She and a friend have designed a dress that she is going to wear every day for a year (actually there are 7 copies of the same dress, but you get the point). Sheena calls this The Uniform Project. The idea was inspired by many years of having to wear a uniform to school. Working hard to make it unique each day. The money raised from the project is going towards the Akanksha Foundation, which is concerned with education in India.

Follow The Uniform Project website to view pictures of Sheena's daily mastery of accessories. I'm not sure how she manages to put together such interesting outfits. It is making me feel very fashionably uncreative. Sheena also happily accepts accessory donations, or outfit ideas.

ARK - Clothing to Change Your Life


ARK is a clothing line that tries to change people's lives through clothing.  ARK stands for Acts of Random Kindness.  The idea is that any time you are wearing a piece of ARK clothing, you are reminded/encouraged/obligated to do something nice for somebody else.  Each piece of ARK clothing comes with some kindness suggestions.  ARK even volunteers to provide some of its profits to you if you have an idea about how to spend it on helping somebody.  ARK even states "I don't even care if you don't buy a shirt... just get involved...".

Catarina Hallzon Necklace


a href="" target="_blank">Catarina Hallzon created this extra large necklace as part of an experiment to explore the body's relationship to jewelry.  Caterina describes her idea as "when we remember things we don’t only recall what a thing looked like, we remember the effect it had on the body. We remember how the body reacted.  I’m interested in the thing that happens when reality no longer fit into the expected picture".  This necklace is made out of electroformed, silver plated copperspheres.  The overall effect is pretty impressive.  I would totally wear this.  (Found through Why Not).

Pretty Raccoon


I'm sending some ETSY love out today to the PrettyRaccoon Clothing shop.  PrettyRaccoon is the clothing poetry Toronto designer, Andrea Winkler.  It features conservative, yet stunning graphics printed onto some traditional, and some not-so-traditional, American Apparel shirts, dresses, scarves and bags.  The average price of PrettyRaccon's pieces is in the $30 range.  So many tempting choices...

Aitor Throup


I was very inspired looking through the portfolio of fashion designer Aitor Throup.  I'm not sure that fashion designer is a very good title for him.  He seems like more of an artist/illustrator/storyteller who just applies his talents to the world of fashion.  The end result is captivating.  You can see the background story and characters oozing out of every piece of clothing.  Aitor's stunning sketches add the extra wow factor.