Online recipes have taken over the world of cooking. The problem with them is that they end up as a stack of print outs mixed in with your old recipe cards.    TasteBook is slightly time consuming, but brilliant solution to this problem.  TasteBook is a customized cookbook that you put together using a combination of online and personal recipes.  The cookbook exists as a collection online and as a very professionally printed book.  Recipes can be gathered from Gourmet or Bon Appetit websites or entered from your own collection.  Then, using an iTunes style interface, you sort the recipes into categories or sections of your cookbook.  You can share your recipes online or get others to share their collections with you.  For $34.95 you can print out a customized cookbook of up to 100 pages.  All 100 pages do not need to be printed at once.  They can be printed over time and added to the binder style book later on.  A very well thought out idea.  (Found through Springwise).