Graze is a healthy alternative to your work place vending machine.  It is a natural food company that delivers healthy snacks to your desk via the mail.  They have a delicious looking selection of fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, seeds and olives.  My mouth is watering.

The service is subscription based.  They send you boxes once or twice a week until you tell them not to.  You can customize how often you receive the boxes and what types of food you prefer. The type of mix can even be centered around your personal goals or activities, such as loosing weight, maintaining blood sugar, or boosting your immunity. Graze has also taken measures to stay green by using biodegradable packaging and standard mail service instead of custom deliveries.  Each Graze box cost just £2.99 (including delivery).  Unfortunately the service is currently only available in the UK.

Bob Books Flipbooks

Bob Books has come up with a way to make your home movies into tangible, bookshelfable, anologue experiences.  Much the same way your digital photos can be printed to take on a different life of their own, now you can turn your videos into flipbooks.  For £12.99 Bob Books' online software will help you upload, and edit your video into short, printed flipbooks.  I'm planning on making a whole bookcase worth.

Free Municipal Wi-Fi


I was fascinated by Wired Magazine's map of Free Municipal Wi-Fi across the United States.  I knew about some of the bigger initiatives (San Fransisco, Chicago, etc.) but I had no idea how many other towns and cities are working on providing free, government-sponsored wireless access.  I guess in some ways it makes sense, since free municipal Wi-Fi seems like it would be much easier to implement on a small scale.  I'd love to see some global information about cities going Wi-Fi.

Citizen Image


If you are a photographer (amateur or professional) you should check out Citizen Image.  They specialize in marketing and selling the rights to photographs.    Photographers can upload images they wish to sell and Citizen Image will help find a buyer.  There is no fee to post photographs and photographers receive 50% of the gross proceeds from the sale of their photo.  Buyers can search through the unique content online.  If there are no appropriate images, buyers can set an Assignment for photographers, outlining the image(s) that they are looking for.  This is a really well thought out system that benefits everyone involved.

Sunday Personal Assistants


Got too much to do?  Try delegating... to your personal assistant.  Sunday provides personal assistants via phone and internet for as low as $29 a month.  That entitles you to 30 requests.  Sunday says the spend about 20 min on your request and then get back to you.  Requests can include travel bookings, setting up appointments, reminders or wake up calls, tracking down products or services, etc.  Plus they are available to you 24/7.  I might just get this for everyone on my Christmas list.

Jack Cards


Jack Cards is the greeting card solution for all of us who are thoughtful but forgetful/unorganized.  It is a service that allows you to register all the important days in your friends and relatives lives.  Then you choose appropriate greeting cards for them.  Jack cards will send you the card just in time for you to write your own message in the card and resend it to your loved one.  I love sending and receiving cards but I always remember people's birthdays on the day of, not a week prior - so this is perfect for me. (Found through Springwise).