Garments for the Grave

"In almost every human culture, when an individual is prepared for burial or cremation, their body is dressed in a garment that will literally and symbolically become part of the body as it returns to the earth."

Why does the outfit we wear to the grave not have the same amount of thought put into it as a wedding dress?  Pia Interlandi thinks that it should.  She has been working on a project called Garments for the Grave which explores clothing made specifically to be worn to the grave.  These clothes take into consideration the difficulties in dressing a body once it is stiff with rigor, the use of materials that will decompose along with the body, and the price appropriate for their use. 

There is something quite lovely and respectful about clothing the dead in garments appropriate for the unique needs of the situation.  

Good Shirts

Justin & Christine Gignac from Wants for Sale have partnered with Threadless and UNICEF to create Good Shirts.  Good Shirts are Threadless t-shirts where 100% of your donation goes to UNICEF.  The cost of each shirt directly corresponds to the cost of the donated item.  For example, the Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets shirt cost $18.37, and the Water Pump shirt cost $500.00.  Learn more here.

The Fun Theory

The VW's The Fun Theory is an effort built around the idea that you can use fun to change people's behaviors.  They try to prove this theory through a contest where people submit their social behavioral experiments in fun.  You would probably recognize some of the entries (such as the piano stairs). 

In enjoyed the latest winner, The Speed Camera Lottery, by Kevin Richardson.  This experiment tries to get drivers to obey the speed limit for fun, by turning a speed camera into a lottery machine.  The speed camera takes pictures of people who speed, in order fine them, and pictures of people who follow the speed limit, in order to give them some of the money collected from the speeders in the form of a lottery.  The results are pretty impressive.

ReMakes Billboard Placemats

One large billboard or movie poster becomes 100 lbs of plastic waste materials in a landfill after as little as a month on display.  ReMakes  trys to avoid this by upcylcing old billboards into one of a kind placemats. Each set of 4 placemats is made from the same billboard, to give them a matching color scheme.  Scan the QR code in the bottom of each placemat to get a daily conservation fact.

Beautiful, unique placements, that do something good for the environment, and give you a topic of conversation for dinner - what more could you ask for.

Available in black or color for $15.99 through Abe's Market.