I'm head over heals (spelling error intended) for the folks over at Help.  Their product offering is pretty simple.  It consists of two products: Acetaminophen tablets entitled 'Help I Have a Headache' (Ha!) and band aids entitled 'Help I've Cut Myself' (Haha!).  Their product line alone totally had me sold on the company... but there's more.  They also try to be socially responsible.  All of their packaging is made out of 100% recycled molded paper pulp and manufactured in the US by a factory that helps adults with learning disabilities.  They also have a sense of humor.  You can order customized 'Help I...' t-shirts on their website, where you fill in the blank with whatever tickles your funny bone.  If all that doesn't make them awesome enough, they also offer other Help activities such as Help I'm Bored, Help I'm Illiterate, or Help I'm Homesick (my personal favorite!). I'm not sure who is behind the company Help, but I've decided you are totally awesome!