I appreciate the idea of buying used clothes but I also find it hard to get past the fact that they once belonged to someone else.  My overactive imagination gets caught up in thinking about who owned the clothes before me, what kind of life they lived in them and what sort of mischief they got up to.    Re-Shirt has taken advantage of this fact and turned the story behind a used t-shirt into a selling feature.  People donate their used t-shirt along with some insight into its existence so far.  An orange label with a registration number is added to the shirt.  From then on, all owners of the shirt can document their experiences with/in it, giving the shirt a life and history of its own.

I really enjoyed the story behind the t-shirt shown above.  Here it is as told from its previous owner's perspective: "I was wearing this t-shirt on a Sunday picnic with friends, kids and dogs. It was a nice autumn day and we enjoyed our sandwiches and a really very nice homemade chocolate cake while sitting on our blankets in the grass on a sunny hill north of Vienna, Austria overlooking the skyline of the city."