Wants for Sale


Artists Christine Santora and Justin Gignac have come up with an uber creatively practical approach to art - they simply paint what they want.  The project is called Wants for Sale.  Each oil painting that they do is of an object or concept that they desire (i.e. an iPhone or some buffalo wings) and then they sell the painting for the cost of that object.  For example their painting of a Slice of Pepperoni costs $3 while the Financial Security painting cost $1000000.  They are also willing to trade if you have the exact item they want.  There is something really refreshing about the honesty and directness of this approach.

Christine and Justin also have an even more brilliant sister site called Needs for Sale where they use the same approach to raise money for charity.  You can buy paintings of a Toilet ($100 for Habitat for Humanity) or a Can of Peas ($250 for City Harvest).  Not only do you get to donate to charity, you also get a piece of art with a great story behind it.