Vacant Lot


What If is a series of projects, by British Architects Gareth Morris and Ulrike Steven, that asks what if statements about architectural spaces.  For example 'What if this vacant car park became a place used by the young people?' or 'What if you woke up with a heard of cows outside your door?'.  One of their most interesting projects is called Vacant Lot.  It looks at the idea of using a vacant lot for something useful, like growing vegetables and flowers.  They opened up a vacant lot in London and filled it with 70 large grow bags of soil and a water tower.  The residents of the community took over from there, planting seeds and tending to their makeshift allotments.  I think this is a really cool idea.  What I like about it is that using the grow bags gives it the possibility of being temporary and mobile.  You could essentially just use a lot while it's free and then move onto another lot when someone starts building.