LINC - The Lifecycle Concept Phone


The amazing designers at Kaleidoscope's Greener Grass project have come up with another interesting cell phone concept.  Inspired by their attendance of the Greener Gadgets Conference, the LINC phone concept was designed with the product's entire lifecycle in mind.  The phone is made to be easily disassembled.  When LINC's hardware becomes obsolete, users are asked to ship in back to the company in exchange for an updated phone.  The manufacturer then easily disassembles the phone using a directed radiant heat beam which targets its internal memory metal latch, releasing the assembly.  The phone's components (glass, metal, electronics, etc.) are all appropriately recycled, reused, or safely disposed of (in the case of hazardous materials).  In the quick and ever changing world of technology that we live in, it's great to see product designers not only focusing on how the product is used, but what happens to it when it needs replacing.