Laundry instruction icons seem to be from a time before it was important to make icons easily understandable.  I can never remember what the triangle means vs the circle.  I always have to look them up - and I consider laundry one of my more developed domestic skills.  One solution to this problem would be to just make better icons.  Or... go the high tech route, like designer Samgmin Bae, and break out the RFIDs.  Samgmin's ClothTAG concept uses the idea that laundry labels could have an RFID element that would be readable by washing machines and driers.  Young domestic goddesses like myself (ha!) wouldn't have to know anything about laundry, the machines would be able to make appropriate adjustments.  This isn't a completely new idea, but it's a more well executed concept then some of the others I've seen.  (Found through Yanko Design).