Starbury Shoes


Most brand name shoes endorsed by professional athletes cost $100-200, sometimes even more.  NBA All Star Stephon Marbury has taken a different approach.  All the shoes in his Starbury lines cost only $14.98.  His marketing tactics have cleverly been based around the fact that some families can't afford to spend the equivalent of a weeks worth of groceries on shoes.  I have my doubts that $14.98 shoes will ever be a status symbol to kids the way other basketball shoes are, but they must be doing something right because over 2.2 million pairs of Starburys have been sold in the past year.

Stephon Marbury insists that Starbury shoes are the same quality as other brands.  To prove this, the Knicks Point Guard has worn Starbury shoes for the entire 06-07 basketball season.  I guess that goes to show the power of a professional athlete's endorsement.  Way to put yourself out there Marbury! (Thanks Brett).