I saw the new iPhone commercials today and my excitement has been renewed.  I've gone through a few phases in my opinion of the iPhone (thus far).  When I first saw it I wasn't that impressed.  Yeah it's a nice design.  Minimal buttons and a big touchscreen, but so what?  Lots of other companies can/are doing that.  Then I watched Job's keynote introducing the phone and I was totally hooked (you had me as scrolling).  But that was a while ago.  In the past few months every iPhone wannabe that has been released has made me less and less excited about the iPhone.  These commercials today reminded me about what made me so giddy watching the initial keynote.  That thing that Apple does so well; combining useful functionality with innovative user interfaces and housing it a sleek outer package.  It's about putting equal importance on hardware and software (and packaging for that matter), bringing them together to complement each other, trying to perfect every aspect of the experience.