Hasan Elahi


Part art project and part alibi, Hasan Elaihi's self tracking project is totally fascinating.  After finding out that his name had been mistakenly added to the FBI's terrorist watch list, Hasan Elahi decided to be totally open about his life.  So he  turned his life into the ultimate blog.  His site, TrackingTransience.net, shows thousands of pictures of his daily activities (including meals he's eaten, toilets he's used, airplanes he's been on) accompanied by a list of debit card transactions and his current location (care of a GPS unit he carries in his pocket).  He's been doing this daily since 2002.  His theory is that "the best way to protect your privacy is to give it away".  He figures the government monitors all of these things anyway but without much accuracy.  Why not help them get it right by simply providing the information yourself.  Awesome!  (Found in Wired Magazine)