Pet Shop Boys Integral Video


The Pet Shop Boys worked with creative group The Rumpus Room to create the latest version of their Integral video.  The song was written as a type of protest against ID cards in the UK.  There are two really interesting things about this video.  The first is that they are using 2D barcodes (or QR codes) to provide additional information.  The barcodes can be read by enabled cellphones.  Each QR code in the video contains a URL linking to relevant information.  To download a QR code reader for your phone or to create one for your own URL, visit Kaywa.

The second really interesting thing about this video is that the Pet Shop Boys are encouraging people to make their own version of the Integral video.  They have provided all the stop frames in a 1451 page downloadable pdf, as well as created a group on Youtube to post your video edit to.