Gwen Stefani Content on HP Site


I heard a comic the other day doing a funny bit about how silly it is that gum companies have websites.  The gist of the bit was, do you chew your gum and think 'Wow, this gum is really good.  If only I had more information about it'.  It made me laugh, but it also make me think.  Which is more ridiculous, not having a website or having an essentially useless website?

Some companies have gone out of their way to make potentially uninteresting websites interesting.  HP is an example that comes to mind.  They have smartly added an Activity  Center to their website.  It features fun and easy projects that are designed to make you think about all the great things you can do with a printer.  Recently they have been promoting the Activity Center though their collaborative projects with Gwen Stephani, featured on her HP commercial.  This is a great way to draw people to their website, a good use of combining tv and web content, and an effective use of their creative celebrity endorsement deals.