Typically, I consider receipts a waste of time and paper, but Nutricate is looking at some new receipt features that might make me reconsider their worth.  Nutricate receipts come with the nutrition information of the meal you purchased.  The receipts state calorie, fiber, fat and protein information as total amounts and percentages of daily recommended intakes.  These receipts make it easier to track your food intake and make smart eating decisions. To me,  the most ingenious part of this idea is that Nutricate is elevating the value of nutrition to the same level as the value for money, changing the way we think about the price of a meal.


One of the most interesting things about sites that aggregate data is what they can say about trends over time.  The more popular the site, the more interesting its trend data.  Wikirank is a site that tracks activity on Wikipedia pages over time.  Graphing the results to show changes in page popularity.  Out of the ordinary spikes generally reflect a news worthy event.  The site also allows for a number of pages to be compared for more long term data.  The image above shows the popularity of each of the Beatles' members.  Clearly John is the most interesting (to Wikipedia readers).