The Future of Travel

I have seen the future of transportation... as predicted by children. GOOD asked children at Los Angeles 826 school to draw and narrate their vision of future modes of transportation. Their visions do not disappoint.

My favorite is the Traveling Legs (show above). The description states "These legs help you travel to countries. You just put them on, think of the country you want to go to, and jump there". The future looks bright.

Wannado City


Wannado City makes me want to be a kid again.  It's a reality based theme park for children where they can roll play grown up jobs in an mini city.  Children can operate on a patient, cook up a pizza or even solve a crime.  There are over 200 jobs for kids to try from Club DJ to Anesthetist.  Wannado City is located in Sawgrass Mills Mall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Who needs Disney when there is real fun to be had!


Re-Set is a great combination of two products, the Re-baby cradle and the Re-tire rocking chair.  The two can be attached together using leather straps to create one super rocker.  The cradle can also be repurposed later as a rocking horse (using the provided saddle replacement) allowing it to grow with your child.  This lovely furniture was designed by the design collective e27.



Boon makes gorgeous products for children and babies.  They describe their products as 'innovations for modern parents'.  They have a lot of great ideas.  I particularly like this Flo water deflector.  It fits over your bathtub's faucet, covering the sharp edges and creating a gentle waterfall of water.  It even has a bubble bath reservoir and dispenser button.  I kind of want one.