The 15 Below Jacket


On its 15 year anniversary, the Canadian design company Taxi created The 15 Below Project.  The aim of the project was to give back to the community  by designing and producing a jacket for the homeless.  With the help of Lida Baday, Taxi created a very well thought out jacket that addresses the needs of homeless people.  The 15 Bellow Jacket is made of black waterproof, breathable, lightweight fabric.  It has 9 pockets that can be stuffed with newspaper to transform the rain jacket into a warm insulated snow jacket.  The jacket also folds down to be worn as a backpack or used as a pillow.  Taxi is donating 3000 15 Below Jackets to homeless people in Canada and the US.  You can read more about this inspiring project at The 15 Below Project's website.