Ecsotype Bags


I'm in love with a bag (yes, again)! The School bag is just one of 3 customizable bags from Australia's Ecsotype.  Designers Sabine and Christian Pound have created a sort of co-design experience with consumers by allowing them to customize the bags using their online store.  In the case of this School bag, you can assign the colors black, brown, red or ivory to each half of the leather bag, the straps and the accent rope, as well as choosing the handle type.  The idea behind all the options is that the bag becomes more of a long-term purchase because it is something personal to your tastes instead of just something you found momentarily stylish.  Interesting thinking for the traditionally seasonal world of bag design.  Unfortunately at just over $400 this bag is a little out of my price range, even for a "long-term" investment. I'll just have to stick to drooling.