Leo Scratching Post

What - a cat scratching post that is not an ugly cardboard or carpeted eyesore?  Where can I buy one?  Well apparently at Design Within Reach although I couldn't find it on their site.  That is probably a good thing because I don't think I could afford it.  Not only would this look good in any home, but the rocking motion makes me think that my cat would actually want to use this.

The Leo scratching post was designed by James Owen.  It is constructed of beautifully sculpted zebrawood with a large polished aluminum base.  Zebrawood was apparently chosen because its grain is pliable enough for a cat to sharpen its claws on but sturdy enough to keep its shape.  The post is also available in Maple or White Cedar, with two different base options (rocking or stable), and in three different heights.   The simple two piece assembly allows you to swap out parts or disassemble for recycling.