Antivirus is one of the many products nominated for this year's Index Award (see previous post for more information). Antivirus is aimed at the millions of people who are infected with HIV and Hepatitis B and C each year because of the reuse of needles.  According to the product's designer, Han Pham, "At least 50% of injections in developing countries are estimated to be unsafe. Used syringes are being picked up from trash by poor adults and children with re-sell intentions and circulate back into the health care system".

Antivirus is a cap that is placed on the top of beverage cans and is used to separate the needle from the rest of the syringe preventing reuse or accidental sticking.  I like this solution because it is very simple and takes advantage of readily available beverage cans to make the product as small as possible for transport.  To see full entry details click here.