Texts From Last Night

Texts From Last Night is a funny new blog that features those text messages that you shouldn't have sent last night. Some of the texts from the collection have a voyeuristic appeal, well others are all about the intrigue at the hint of a fantastic story. But of course most of them are just plain head-shaking embarrassing. Submissions are posted annonomysly, using just the area code to show a glimpse of authorship.

Is This Your Luggage

Is This Your Luggage is a website which documents lost luggage, and its contents, through photographs.  The luggage is bought through auction (after the airline diligently tries to find its rightful owner - of course), the contents are photographed, and the posted on the website.  My favorite part of the site is this justification for collecting lost luggage - "It's a little odd, but not as odd as stamp collecting, just a little harder to find storage space." - Ha.

I wish I had thought of this idea.