Four Essential Members of a Great Design Team

My friend Mike Roller wrote this interesting post on the Four Essential Members of a Great Design Team.  He concludes that a successful design team needs to be diverse in its leadership skills, its creativity, its sense of reality, and its types of analytical thinkers.  He calls the four essential types of members the Evangelist, the Conductor, the Dreamer and the Surgeon.  The Evangelist is a high level design strategist that pushes the limits.   The Conductor is an analytical thinking that turns all the little ideas into something harmonious.  The Dreamer is a blue sky free thinker with wild ideas.  And the Surgeon is the one who perfects the details.

Where Does the Internet Come From?

Sometimes when I have nothing better to ponder, I think about how amazing it is that communication cable run under the ocean.  I'm not kidding, I've spent hours thinking about this.  How did they get them down there?  How do they make repairs?  What do the fish think?  It keeps me occupied because it is so incomprehensible.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds this fascinating.  GOOD magazine has an article entitled Where Does the Internet Come From? which addresses how amazing our reliance on the semi-archaic submarine cable system is.

"And, while the internet might seem like the cutting edge of technology, it’s interesting to note that information has been traveling this way since the first telegraph cables were laid across the Atlantic ocean in the 19th century."