Trapp Family Lodge Website

I've been checking out the website for Trapp Family Lodge, (as in the Sound of Music von Trapp family) created by Tag New Media. It's a nicely designed website, with an emphasis on photos, which I think always reflects positively on a destination.

My favorite part of the website is the My Scrapbook. It allows visitors to the website to create a scrapbook of their visit (yes, their visit to the website) because, as they say, "we wanted our online guests to have the same opportunity to define what the Trapp Family Lodge is for them" as the real visitors. The scrapbook feature allows visitors to collect photos or ideas from the website into one place. User can then save or share the scrapbook with others. If I was trying to convince someone to go here, I would totally make them a customized scrapbook. I think this is such a good idea, and so well integrated into the site. It is also one of those good ideas that always ends up getting cut, so good on the Trapp Family Lodge for seeing the vision through. (Thanks @jstukey).