24 Hours at Sundance

Today I am following 24 Hours at Sundance.  It is an experimental live reality tv game where all of the video feeds are streaming live from mobile phones using Qik.  The show is hosted by Kevin Rose and Ashton Kutcher, with 4 video bloggers as contestants.  The contestants are given challenges to complete over the next 24 hours (many challenge ideas submitted via Twitter to Ashton and Kevin).  You can watch, comment or participate live using Qik.

This is such a fantastic idea.  So far, it is playing out like you would expect a true live internet experiment to.  I'm staying glued to my mobile phone all day.

Follow the Host's Qik feed here: Ashton, Kevin

And the contestants' feeds here:  CJ Peters, Irina SlutskyMeghan Asha, Matt and Shira.