1% Water


As part of their 1% Water exhibit, curators Ilse Crawford and Jane Withers have started a Water Archive.  The archive is a collection of water samples sent in by people around the world to map the 1% of the Earth's water that can be used for human consumption.  They ask people to bring or send in 50 cl of water along with an explanation and/or picture of the source.  The water samples they are looking for are any fresh water such as; water from rivers, lakes, groundwater, rainwater, spring water, mineral/bottled water, religious water (ganges, lourdes), dangerous water (virus, toxic, bacteria, chemicals), polluted water (from industry or human use), water from special places/cities/ landmarks (water used to flush the toilet in the Eiffel tower or water from a special fountain), water which is stored in special places (3 year old water from a water bed, heating systems, fridge), tapwater (but only when it’s special).