One Day Poem Pavilion

I'm totally in love with this project.  It is called the One Day Poem Pavilion. It's the thesis project of Art Center student Jiyeon Song.  The pavilion is an experiment in typography.  Sun shinning through the dome creates a poem in light on the ground.  The poem is reveled, line by line, throughout the day as the sun passes over the pavilion.  The content of the poem naturally changes through out the year as the sun shifts it's position in the sky.  The poem's message is sensitive to the time of the year, with a 'new life' theme during the summer and a 'reflective' theme in the winter.  I appreciate that this project is so simple and yet so complex at the same time.  Check out more of Jiyeon's very well written explanation of the pavilion, including sketches and a time lapse video, on the project's website.