Carsten Holler slides at the Tate Modern


The spacious Turbine Hall at London's Tate Modern Museum has been home to many fascinating large scale exhibits.  The current one, running October 2006-April 2007, is called Test Site designed by German artist Carsten Holler.  The exhibit is a series of large slides running from various levels of the museum down to the ground floor.  The project is called Test Site because the artist views the exhibit as a sort of large scale user test to study the how slides could be used in public spaces.  Holler describes the experience of sliding as "a unique condition somewhere between delight and madness".  His larger vision is to introduce slides across London and other large cities as part of our everyday architectural lives.  What are the advantages of slides?  Well, they are quick, inexpensive to construct, and energy efficient, but most importantly, fun.

Check out more images of the slides as well as timelapse video of their setup and live exhibit webcams on the Tate Modern's website.